Different factors need to be considered when choosing a Fire Alarm System for your building. That’s why we carry out free site surveys to find out which fire alarm system suits your needs.

We offer several options, whether you’re looking to buy a brand new fire alarm system or simply looking to upgrade your existing system.

Working to your budget, our highly qualified engineers will offer advice on the right fire alarm system for your individual business, whether a small shop, a listed building, a modern office or a large factory.

You can be sure your alarm system will be installed to the highest industry standards.

Fire Alarms


Fire alarms provide an invaluable early warning of danger, helping to save lives, equipment and property.

Simply going for the cheapest fire alarms on the market may leave you unprotected should fire break out, especially if they are not installed in the right locations.

Installing a fire alarm system is not just about complying with the law. It’s also about saving time, money and effort.

We will design and install a system that does just this, while complying with the law and British Standard 5839.

Free Site Survey

Get a free site survey to find out what you need. Your fire alarm system will be designed specifically for your business and building.

Design & Installation

Your system will be installed by our alarm engineers, then tested to check it meets all standards. Following the installation, you will be given all of your system’s certificates, documents, and a log book for your records.


Our maintenance contracts allow us to regularly visit your property in order to carry out comprehensive testing, maintenance and repairs as necessary.


Fire alarm systems in public spaces and workplaces must be inspected by qualified engineers every six months to conform with the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.

Failing to do this could invalidate your insurance and leave you open to prosecution if there is an incident that results in harm to your staff or members of the public.

A fire alarm service contract offers excellent value for money. As well as planned service visits giving you peace of mind, you can benefit from fast and effective call out responses, False Alarm Management and a 12-month warranty on all equipment fitted.

Fire alarm maintenance contracts often work out to be cost effective in the long run and they will also give you peace of mind knowing your alarm system is in good working order.


Easy and efficient solution for smaller properties

Known as the intelligent system for large buildings

Fire Alarm Control Panels

A range of addressable and conventional fire alarm and detection systems are available 

Fire Alarms For The Deaf

Vibrating pagers and Deafgard residential alarms for those with hearing difficulties

Wireless Fire Alarms

No unsightly cables that could damage walls

ASD Fire Alarms

Air Sampling Detection for early warning in high risk buildings

Commercial Fire Alarms

Complete design and installation with flexible maintenance contracts

HMO Fire Alarm Systems

Specialist fire alarm designs for Houses in Multiple Occupation

Book a free site survey to find out which Fire Alarm System suits your needs.