On addressable fire alarm systems, each device has its own identification number (address).

This means that if the alarm is raised, you’ll know where the activated detector, and therefore where the fire is.

You’ll also save money on wiring; devices are wired onto a single loop, so less cabling is used.

Isolation modules are fitted onto this loop, so that if there’s a short circuit, the system will continue to function, and only a minimal part will be lost.

Fire Alarms


What is an analogue addressable fire alarm?

With addressable analogue fire alarms, each device has its own identity, so you always know which one has been activated, to pinpoint the precise location of a fire. It also means you can program devices individually… you can even choose how they respond to each other.

For example, you can pre-program your fire doors to close and air vents to open if a nearby detector is activated, something known as cause and effect programming.

Analogue fire alarm systems are best for large buildings, as they offer a range of complex functions; it’s why they’re known as the intelligent fire alarm system.

Analogue control panels are able to send signals to, and receive them from connected devices, to get health reports, fault alerts and other messages.

If a detector is activated, you can tell if it’s in fire, fault or pre-alarm state, which will significantly reduce the number of false alarms.


Intelligent cause and effect programming

Program devices to respond to each other for a better fire plan

Monitor your system for faults

You can identify which detector has reported an error

Fewer short circuit problems

Isolation modules are used so that only part of the system will be affected by a short circuit

Addressable systems use less wiring, costing you less

Find and fight fires sooner

Your main panel will tell you exactly which device has detected the fire

Phased evacuation facilities

Choose to evacuate areas nearest to the fire first

Easier maintenance

Get health reports and error messages for each device

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