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Fully compliant with BS 5306-3, all extinguishers supplied are British Standard Kite Marked to ensure quality.

We are a BAFE approved company, so you know all fire extinguishers supplied will be in line with current standards.

All fire extinguishers that you order from us are promptly supplied, fitted and commissioned with full certification included.

Fire Extinguishers


Supply, installation and testing of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher inspection and servicing for your company

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance work is also available

Fire Extinguisher staff training for your employees

Unwanted and old Fire Extinguishers can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly method near you

Flexible payment plans available to suit your budget and needs

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Fire extinguishers are a basic firefighting tool that all businesses should have. There are many types of fire extinguisher because there are many types of fire. Each extinguisher is designed to be used on a specific class of fire. It is important to know which one to use to ensure that your actions are as effective as possible. 

Water Extinguishers

Designed to target Class A fires, including paper, wood, cloth, straw and textiles.

Foam Extinguishers

Designed to target Class A and Class B fires. Class B fires include, liquid spill fires such as petrol, oil, fats and paints.

Powder Extinguishers

Designed to combat mixed fire risk environments. Suitable for combating flammable liquid risk, such as methane, propane, hydrogen and natural gas fires.

Powder Extinguishers

Designed for Class D metal fires. M28 Powder Extinguishers are best for tackling metal fires (sodium, aluminium, magnesium) but CANNOT be used on Lithium Fires. L2 Powder Extinguishers are for particular use on Lithium Fires, but can also be used on all metal fires if required.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

Designed to target Class B fires particularly electrical hazards. Carbon Dioxide is harmless to electrical equipment and is ideal for modern offices, electronic risks, and fires caused by the combustion of liquids such as oils, fats and solvents.

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Designed for Class F fires, particularly cooking oil and fat fires. This extinguisher is also effective against Class A fires.

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