Ensure your workforce is properly trained in fire safety with one of our courses. You can provide new starters and temporary staff with fire safety training as part of their induction. Or you can refresh the knowledge of existing staff.

Our fire safety trainers will tailor your course specifically to risks faced by your business, and talk your staff through managing and preventing those risks.

All training takes place at your premises, so staff can apply their knowledge to their surroundings. Whatever you’re after, your staff will get a full, all-round education on the importance of fire safety.

Upon completing the course, participating staff will receive certification.

Fire Safety Training


Your training course can cover:

Discovering a fire – Raising the alarm and possibly fighting the fire

Firefighting equipment – Locating, identifying and using it (practical and theoretical)

Fire Risk Assessments – If you’re training fire marshals or wardens

Emergency evacuations – Including assembly point training

Fire Alarm Training

Our courses include fire alarm training modules, so your staff members will know how to respond to and raise your fire alarm.

Courses will focus specifically on the action to be taken by fire wardens upon hearing the alarm.

All training will take place at your location, to put learning into context.

Upon completion, participating staff will be issued with a certificate.

Fire Marshal Training

Share the responsibility of fire safety in your building by training fire wardens.  

They take just 4 hours to complete, and can be attended by up to 12 members of staff at a time.

Full certification will be issued upon course completion.  

All training takes place at your business location, to minimise the business interruption.  

Once trained, your fire marshals will be able to conduct all future risk assessments; speed up emergency evacuations; and provide other employees with fire safety training.

They’re an essential investment for any company.

Fire Alarm Training can include:

How to raise the alarm

How to activate call points and manually operated alarms

How to respond to the alarm

What is everyone’s role and who are your fire marshals?

Who may need assistance?

Who may need assistance evacuating the building, and who will provide it?

Assembly point training

Where is your meeting point, and what must staff and fire marshals do here?

Fire Marshal Training courses cover:

Fire extinguisher training and practice

Your extinguishers will be refilled if discharged

Tailored modules

Specific to your business risks

Emergency evacuations

Including assembly point training

Book a Fire Training Course to ensure your workforce is properly trained in fire safety.